I lead strategy & operations at Mindle Inc, a Toronto company advancing AI by tackling the most challenging prediction problems. Today we are developing AI-enabled capital market signals and building custom ML solutions for enterprise customers.

Founder: Before Mindle, I co-founded Deepnify (deck here), a machine learning saas startup helping retailers and manufacturers reduce food waste (Next AI 2017, Creative Destruction Lab 2018).

In 2011 I co-founded Wintston/Fleetbit (deck here), which operated an Uber-style service in Toronto and then developed similar apps for 14 taxi companies in Canada and the US. We earned coverage in TechCrunch, drove across the country for a YCombinator interview visiting taxi companies in every state, lived together in a tiny office apartment, hired three employees, and graduated from incubators like Next36, NextAI, the DMZ, and The Creative Destruction Lab.

Data Driven Sales: Beyond AI, I'm most passionate about improving and scaling sales processes with data. I was the first sales hire at Tulip Retail, where I had a chance to build the team's outbound sales process from scratch and help grow Tulip into a successful (and most ethical!) saas company. After Tulip, I launched a SalesHacker's Vancouver event series and produced sales operations thought leadership content. I joined Predictable Revenue as an outbound sales consultant where I led campaigns for our biggest clients, including UberEats, Toptal, and Security Scorecard. I also got to play with data! I developed data driven onboarding, campaign-monitoring, and customer success frameworks that the consulting team still uses.


  • Connect I.T. - Artificial Intelligence: Unlocking Possibilities, Feb 9, 2018, MARS Discovery District
  • The Beacon Forum, Feb, 2018, UofT
  • TribalScale Takeover Innovation Conference, 2018
  • RBC Disruptors, Can Humans Save AI, 2018
  • Data with TopHat and Deepnify, TO Women's Data Group, 2018
  • Women & Color Speaker Boorcamp (Coach/Mentor)


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