I am preparing to start spinning at home and finally chose a bike: the Bowflex C6.

I agonized over which bike to buy: the Peloton bike, the Peloton bike+, or the Bowflex C6 (recommended to me by an inspiring mom-friend!). The Peloton is just so sparkly! Maybe my decision process can help you too?

In the end I went with the C6 because:

  • It works with all of the biking apps. I don't think Alan will be a Peloton guy and he'll have the option to find something he likes.
  • I already have a beautiful giant iPad to use as a screen
  • It has a slightly smaller footprint for our tiny house
  • It is available soon (Peleton wait is 4-10 weeks right now)
  • It is so much cheaper (see my sanity check spreadsheet below)

The tradeoffs are:

  • I won't be on the digital leaderboard (the official bike lets you check other people's stats and even have video calls)
  • I won't see my watts (the most important stat) on the Peloton screen or in my Peloton profile. Instead, I'll track it in a different app on my phone.

Ultimately, I don't have enough information to justify the extra cost. The full Peloton experience could be super transformative, or maybe I'll prefer scenic stat-free rides or move on to a new fitness craze in the spring.  After 6-12 months using Peleton on the C6 I will have a better idea and can always plan a very exciting upgrade.

[Full Google sheet shared here]