I'm blown away. In five minutes, without programming, I asked the Machine Learning Platform to write a men's Tinder description based on five keywords, and here's what I got:

If you want a photo that makes you look like a rock star, I can take you there. If you want a rock star to take your picture, I'm your guy. I love wine and live music. If you want to travel, let's go somewhere together. (Keywords: composer, photographer, wine, live music, travel)

It's not perfect. But has clearly captured the cringy, flirty, nuance of tinder profiles!

I've been playing with Co:here, a platform lets non-developers easily use cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) machine learning models.

Co:here was founded in Toronto in 2019 by some of the top NLP researchers at Google Brain and has now raised its series B. The platform can generate or analyze text to do things like write copy, moderate content, classify data and extract information.

NLP technology has advanced dramatically in the last few years thanks to Large Language Models (LLMs). Incorporating LLMs into Google search was noted as “representing the biggest leap forward in the past five years, and one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of Search." Unfortunately, relative to other ML, LLMs require excessive data, engineering, and processing power, so it's hard for most companies to justify their use.

Co:here created LLMs that any company or developer can access via API at a pay-per-use cost. It helps developers and businesses:

  • Easily create proof-of-concept of their NLP use-cases using custom data, demonstrate feasibility, and deploy.  Without Co:here, it takes a risky amount of up-front infrastructure to test custom NLP applications.
  • Bring advanced NLP products to market without specialized NLP engineers
  • Create more advanced, novel inputs to other ML models (ex: customer intent, customer segmentation, the voice of the customer)

There are thousands of possible applications of their technology, so it will be interesting to see where the company finds its first niche of paying customers.

I am grateful for their help in keeping my family giggling this week with my auto-generated Tinder profiles.  I also trained their classifier to determine whether song titles belong to Drake or Taylor Swift with surprising accuracy.  

As a next step, I'd like to use the same keywords to generate Twitter and LinkedIn bios to further explore and demonstrate how the model uses tone.

Here are some of my favorite Tinder Profiles generated by the NLP:

  • Keywords: happy-go-lucky,chill,clean car,make the bed,brunch
  • Dating Profile: Laid-back, clean car, makes the bed (?), Happy-go-lucky. I'm looking for a girl who is happy-go-lucky and chill. A girl who doesn't complain about how slow I drive, but smiles and keeps her cool. She loves brunch and will usually prefer to clean her car than my apartment.

  • Keywords: musician, coffee & food snob, love wineExciting
  • Dating Profile: Spend your time with me and I'll show you how to make the perfect coffee, share my love of fine wine, and use my keyboard to serenade you. Coffee is my drink, so feel free to grab one on me
  • Keywords: sarcastic,big heart,coffee,physiotherapist
  • Dating Profile: Physiotherapist. Sarcasm aside, I am a big softie at heart. Coffee is my best friend and a good laugh keeps me going. Enjoys running, cycling, and anything that gets me outdoors. Physiotherapy is a 9-5 job, so time to head out the door is precious. I keep my apartment fresh with a clean car and the bed made.

  • Keywords: french toast, croissants, jumping, playgrounds, multilingual, carsick:
  • Dating Profile: You don't know the number of things I can do, but I don't know the number of things I can't do either. That's what makes me so exciting. Multilingual, carsick, friendly to dogs.

  • Keywords: photographer, rock climbing, rugby, wine, biker
  • Dating Profile: The perfect combination of photographer and rock climber. I can take pictures that make you want to wine and dine, or just one more bottle of wine. Rugby is my game, you will never look away from me.

  • Keywords: animal lover, pancake cook, swimming, early mornings
  • Dating Profile: Early riser. Lover of animals. Waffles Alarm clock. Nice to your dog. Swimming is my cardio. No time for breakfast before work.

  • Keywords: Teacher, road biker, Netflix, playing with my great dane
  • Dating Profile: I'm a teacher - and I don't always have time to watch Netflix. But cats and dogs make a great couch co-star. Late nights are for heading out, not sleeping. And me? I'm always down for a road trip. I'll bring the snacks.

  • Keywords: Personal Trainer, film buff, grilled cheese, sushi on the beachTinder
  • Dating Profile: I make a killer grilled cheese and I happen to run a great personal training studio. You'll be working out until noon and eating sushi on the beach. I love your body. Let's look and show it some love. Oh, and I also watch a ton of terrible movies.

  • Keywords: Police officer, yoga, salad
  • Dating Profile: Thick skinned. I'll turn you in to a misdemeanor if I see you doing something wrong. Motion-picture heaven - I've been told I'm a great actor. Constantly hold the power position in every yoga class. A guy who can do yoga, read, and march in step, is as rare as you may think. Enjoy the salad, I can't eat all of that.

  • Keywords: Lifeguard, pickling, live music, cyclingTinder Dating App profile:
  • Dating Profile: Lifeguard. Bicycle messenger. Pickles. Can start a fire with two sticks. Can swim. Can cycle. No water. No BBQ. No problem. Let's take this relationship to the next level - I might just pickle your heart

  • Keywords: Rollercoasters, raves, dj, banker
  • Dating Profile: Bring me some rollercoasters and some raves. I've got a great job at the bank, and I'm ready to unwind with a fantastic lady. My place for a party, or maybe yours. I make a mean martini.

  • Keywords: Introverted, engineer, scuba diver, skydiver
  • Dating Profile: A quiet guy with a bit of an edge. A lot of introverted men like to pretend that they're extroverted, but I prefer introverts. Can work a computer as easily as a wrench. Scuba diver. I'm hoping to try skydiving some day.

  • Keywords: urban farmer, sommelier, walked the great wall of china
  • Dating Profile: I am a lover of good wine and food, I love to walk among the vineyards, the city, and yes, the wall in China. I am a nerd in the kitchen and love to cook. I meet the needs of customers and help the community. I work with my hands and love to dance. Love to travel.

  • Keywords: urban farmer, sommelier, kayaker
  • Dating Profile: I'm a wine afficionado. I enjoy urban farming and supporting local businesses. I am a sommelier, wine maker, and farmer. I can make a meal out of just about anything that comes from the earth. I prefer to eat and drink around a campfire. For me, cooking and eating outdoors is like yoga. I can de-stress with a couple of hours kayaking

  • Keywords: outgoing, random facts, german shepherd, neighbours
  • Dating Profile: Never a dull moment. Anything goes. Loves going out and enjoys the company of others. I am outgoing, randomly know random facts, and have a nice German Shepherd. I like to meet new people and am always up for a good night out with my neighbours.