Here are four documents I completed over two days in response to a Case Study Prompt (below) to demonstrate my capabilities.

  - Churn Forecast Report (PDF)

  - Churn Forecast Presentation Slides (Sides)

  - 12 M Churn Forecast (GSheets)

  - Churn Analysis (GSheets)

For reference, my resume is here.

Case Study Prompt:

*No data included - create fake data

Please prepare a written document outlining the answer to the case, including your approach for solving the problem as well as the final result.

Once our customers sign with us, they are locked in for 1-year contracts. However, throughout that year and upon renewal they can request to churn. If they request to churn before their renewal, we usually hold them to the end of their contract and churn them out on their contract's expiration date. The first year is critical as most churn happens within the first year of service. As this churn takes a hit on our ARR, it is important for us to be able to forecast what this might be throughout the year and try to mitigate it.
I’d like you to create a churn analysis that I can use for forecasting churn for the next year. The goal of this analysis is to enable more predictable forecasting and create a signal for Account Managers and Customer Success Managers to mitigate churn.
Build me a spreadsheet that shows the next twelve months and the dollar amount of churn that we can expect for each month. Feel free to use fake data to show me the type of result you would have. The spreadsheet itself will be used as a guide during leadership meetings. For the presentation, I’m looking to best understand how you would approach solving this problem, what data you would want to include in your analysis, what artifacts you would use, and what trends you would look for to deliver a final result.
Feel free to make any assumptions necessary in this work and outline them in your answer.